Design Capabilities

We have all Prefabricated Buildings Solutions under one roof

We are much privileged to have enough degree of employment and technology support, which drives us to handle the projects throughout India successfully. Our design capabilities are empowered and customized to the client needs for quick delivery..

  • Owing to the State-of-art technology facility, client can avail of quotes within 2 to 4 days for any kind of complex building structure.
  • We adopt foremost and cutting edge software technologies to design and draw the complex structures of building faster than others.
  • Latest software for design & estimation:
    • Metal Building Software
Drafting facility:
  • Metal Building Software
  • AutoCAD
Advantages for clients with above facilities:
  • Obtain excellent design and detailing with mitigated risk at reduced cost and time period;ie: 2 to 4 days depending on the structure of complexity.
  • Change request can be accepted as per the time and remodel feasibility.
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